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New Paper is Out! - 5 Nov '15 19:35

New paper is finally published!

All-optical switching in transparent networks: challenges and new implementations

Another Patent Went Through - 18 Aug '15 16:02

US Patent #9,110,317 went through! :)

Advanced Drive Circuitry for Sagnac Interferometric Switch Utilizing Faraday Rotation

Long Time No See! - 16 Jul '15 00:42

With the recent upheavals at work, figured it would be prudent to update my credentials (resume, etc.)

Patent Went Through! - 18 Jul '13 15:42

US Patent #8,478,082 went through! :)

Sagnac Interferometric Switch Utilizing Faraday Rotation

W00t! Borderlands 2! - 18 Sep '12 17:12

Happy CNY! - 19 Jan '12 00:14

MOD Music - 23 Dec '11 07:38

Captured a bunch of MOD files playing in Visual Player. Old school stuff :)

Futurama and AMD Bulldozer - 18 Oct '11 06:54

Had a little fun with Vegas and Photoshop :)

What the Stock Market Feels Like - 11 Oct '11 19:07

RIP Steve Jobs - 5 Oct '11 00:00

I guess it's official : America really is Jobsless and heading into a recession.

Arcadia - 22 Sep '11 22:39


If you're in Ames, definitely stop by Arcadia. Finally, a great place for cakes and pastries! The coffee is a bonus.

Crazy Ride - 26 Aug '11 01:31

It's certainly been a crazy ride on the DJI!

On the upshot, finally have the time to do a thorough cleaning and update of the site.

Some Fun with Photoshop - 24 Oct '09 21:14

Had a little fun in Photoshop today :

Sad Day - 3 Aug '09 00:00

Ames has lost an institution :(

MN is Nice! - 9 Jan '08 19:47

Went travelling to the Twin Cities and a couple of surrounding places. MN is a cool state and a KL driver blends in like a good weave ;)

Hit up Barbette and D'Amico Cucino (both around the Hennepin Ave area). Great food and Alison Rae was performing that night at Barbette (check out her music if you're into folk/country). Couldn't leave the state without checking out the Mall of America and definitely tune into Kool 108 while you're there :)

Crysis - 18 Nov '07 17:40

Wow. This is one piece of software that really pushes your hardware. C2D E6420 @ 3.4GHz, 4GB DDR2-667 and an OC'ed 8800GT running hacked "Very High" settings on WinXP SP2. Beautiful but a little poky.

MMM 2007 - Florida - 12 Nov '07 08:12

Just got back from the MMM conference in Tampa FL over the weekend. Nice warm weather, great scenery and great people. What else could you want? :)

Windows Handles Problem - 29 Oct '07 02:24

Been having the problem of Windows XP running out of handles recently. New windows with missing icons, "Out of Memory" messages, etc. If you're having similar problems, this will be very helpful :


Interesting Talk Coming Up... - 18 Sep '07 13:31

Deborah Crawford (deputy director of the NSF CISE program) is giving a talk on Thursday : The Evolving Role of Computing at the Science and Engineering Frontier; Transformative Research Thinking Big and Being Bold. Should be pretty interesting!

Revised Site is Live - 29 Aug '07 20:17

Took a little bit of work cleaning up / streamlining the databases and PHP code, but my new site is now live. Hope you like the new look!

PS : Check out the all new photo gallery.


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